Making cheddar cheese, Upper Canada Village


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    We love your photo! We would like to use the photo above on our website, to showcase the participation of Union Cheese in The Great Canadian Cheese Festival. Can you please contact me about this?
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Making cheddar cheese, Upper Canada Village

Posted: October 11, 2010 
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These men work in the cheese factory at Upper Canada Village making cheddar cheese the old fashioned way. Only a few concessions are made to modern standards, use of stainless steel lining in the vat, for example, as the cheese is sold. After curdling the cheese with rennet, from the stomachs of calves, and separating off the whey, they break up the chunks of curds into small pieces (shown here) so that salt can be more easily added. The cheese is then pressed into "wheels" and stored so that bacterial action can take place.

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