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Moose, Mounties'n Muskeg

Images of Canada by Richard McGuire

Okay, my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I came up with the title for this photo exhibition.

I'm blatantly pandering to an international stereotype of Canada -- one that many Canadians find embarrassing. You see, we Canadians often like to think of ourselves as a modern sophisticated country with cosmopolitan cities and advanced technology. The image of moose, Mounties and muskeg is one that many a business organization has tried to erase. And Canadians wince whenever Hollywood evokes this image of us.

Still, I've traveled this country from one end to another, and actually I did see lots of moose, Mounties and muskeg. Most Canadians live huddled along the U.S. border for warmth, and there are vast areas of sparsely populated wilderness around us. What's more, much of it is incredibly beautiful and unique in the world.

This exhibition celebrates those images.

These photos are for sale in an 8" X 12" format by auction through eBay, the international Internet auction websites, or though my eBay store. Each auction will offer only one of each picture in that format, typically at a much lower price than normal.

Whether you buy or not, please enjoy my photos. I welcome your comments, feedback and inquiries.

Richard McGuire
E-mail: richard@richardmcguire.ca

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Photos are sold in 8" X 12" format and are mounted on an acid-free foam core board and are matted. The 11" X 14" matt is signed by the photographer.

Photos are digital prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper, which is reputed to retain its colors longer than most human life spans. These are NOT inkjet prints, which tend to fade in a few years.

I am also selling sets of 10 blank greeting cards, each with a genuine 5" X 7" print. The cards are 8.5" X 5.5" (215.9 X 139.7 mm) and are on beige recycled cardstock. Envelopes included.

For more information about purchasing these, please visit my eBay website.

For more information about the greeting cards, please visit this page.

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